Learning and Training Management

The purpose of the Learning and Training Management is to provide employees with professionaldevelopment opportunities that increase their skills and enhance their engagement in our company.

We believe that the business is the decisions we and our employees make and implement; Furthermore, The work performance of employees is a vital key to the business achievements.

Organizational effectiveness and development of employees including training needs identification, learning and training Design, Provision and Evaluation.

Learning and Training Management provides further focus on knowledge management.

 Development of Systematic Electronic Based Mechanisms makes important contribution to knowledge management in our company.

Utilizing EDMS (Engineering Documents Management System) software in different Engineering departments, and MPIS (Marketing and Proposals Information System) software in the relevant department and the other e-mechanisms help us to improve the management of knowledge and consequently to achieve the organizational effectiveness and service excellence.

 Enerchimi has commenced the overall arrangements in terms of its mid and long term plans for development of e-learning throughout the different organization levels.