Human Resource Management

Enerchimi Human Resources are considered as a strategic partner in the business continuity.

In our company, Human Resource Management supports the organization to achieve its objectives and ensures that the organization has talented, skilled and engaged people it needs, also makes suitable arrangements to develop skills, knowledge and a high performance culture, as well as creates a sound relationship between management and employees.
Development of skills, knowledge, and competencies of employees is the most important to our Company.
Since, Mutual Respect, Professional Ethics and Integrity, Innovation and Creativity, and Human Capital Performance are enumerated as our values; Enerchimi Human Resources by focusing on the significant characteristics in service provision such as, Impartiality, ingenuity, and desired performance create our success. ​

Percentage of Employees Based on Main Tasks

Project Management

Process & technology

Fixed & rotary equipment




Civil structure and architecture

Project commercial

Project planning and control

Engineering and execution 81%
Supporting 19%

Information & communication technology


Human Resources, Admin. & Training

Support and services

Business Development & Tenders

Management Systems