سید محمد علی فاطمی

Mohammad Ali Fatemi


Enerchimi Engineering Company with many years of successful experience in implementation of large projects in oil, gas and petrochemical industries and with the leadership of well-known managers in this field, has now established its sustainable development based on its past strengths and meeting the interests of projects stakeholders and commits itself as one of the companies of Fateh Group to making great efforts to flourish the major industries of our beloved country Iran.
We have placed the commitment to comply with the laws and other requirements, preserving the dignity of human capital and the provision of opportunities for their growth and development, as well as the satisfaction of our clients as one of the professional principles of our business to gain a prominent domestic and international position in providing services in various projects of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Our key values are mutual respect, observance of professional ethics and honesty, creativity and innovation, excellence in the provision of services and performance of human capital, which guide the implementation of our activities and communications to promote the reputation of the Enerchimi brand.

I am proud to achieve more success of Enerchimi Engineering Company alongside our managers.

باقر فرجی انزابی

Bagher Faraji

M.D., Member of the Board

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic has marked a turning point in history, we have learned how to take care of each other alongside protecting benefits.
One of our key values in Enerchimi Engineering Company is ensuring the interests of stakeholders, including clients and human capital, as well as meeting their satisfaction through improving quality and performance standards in various projects. Therefore, we are committed to creating added value for our stakeholders by improving our work processes.
While appreciating the responsible efforts of our managers and employees, I am confident that the realization of the company’s aspirations and goals depends on the efforts to continually improve and take responsibility for the effective implementation of our activities.

We believe that while adhering to the preservation of our key values, we will bring the sustainable development to our company’s business.